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If You Need An Appraisal ...
  • To Determine The True Value Of Any Auto-Truck-Van-SUV-SUT
  • To Establish A Fair Market Value Of Any RV Or Motor Home
  • To Validate The Accurate Value Of A Stock Or Custom Motorcycle
  • To Acquire - Renew - Update An Insurance Policy 
  • To Calculate A Lease Termination Value - Early Or Scheduled
  • To Declare A Stated Value For Donation Or Legal Issues
  • To Fight An Unfair Or Below Market Insurance Settlement Offer
  • To Prove A Diminishment In Value Insurance Claim


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One That Meets Any Appraisal Requirement


automotive appraisal services® is dedicated to helping consumers and businesses in all facets of vehicle appraising. Since 1988, our goal has been to provide the best vehicle appraisal service possible.  That goal has been accomplished with the introduction of our exclusive, copyrighted Appraisal Information Report or AIR.  Now, anyone...anywhere...can obtain a professional-certified appraisal to successfully prove a vehicle's true value.  An appraisal that is GUARANTEED to be accepted by:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks - Credit Unions - Lending Institutions
  • Leasing Agencies
  • IRS & Other Government Agencies
  • Judicial Systems
  • And More ....
"Automotive Appraisal Services has the most thorough certified vehicle appraisal offered via the Internet.  Their exclusive Appraisal Information Report...(AIR)...was right-on-the-money while at the same time easy to complete.  I was amazed at how accurate the appraisal was...and they didn't physically see the car."
.....J.T. Walsh - Classic Cars International