About Us

Thank you for your interest in automotive appraisal services. Our team in Yorba Linda, California, appreciates the opportunity to serve you. It is the goal of our entire staff to offer the best professional appraisal service possible.

automotive appraisal services was established in 1988. It is the largest service of its kind that operates via the Internet. We offer a complete, professional, and certified vehicle appraisal service. The various appraisal services we provide include:

Individuals | Insurance Agents & Carriers | Law Firms & Arbitrators | Car & Truck Clubs | Restoration Houses | Leasing & Rental Agencies | Banks, Credit Unions, & Other Lending Institutions | Sports & Entertainment Business Management Firms | International, National & Regional Charity Organizations

Convenience & Accuracy

automotive appraisal services offers total convenience, as each appraisal service program is designed to meet the requirements of clients located anywhere in the world. Our appraisers have been tested and certified in all facets of vehicle appraising by NAVA™. Our appraisals strictly adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

Our valuable experience and membership in the American Bar Association provides the necessary expertise to produce an authoritative appraisal. No matter what your particular appraisal requirement may be, the knowledgeable staff at automotive appraisal services is here to help you.

"Undeniably...The Best Appraisal Service I Found Available on the Internet"
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