Guaranteed Automotive Appraisal

Turn to automotive appraisal service in Yorba Linda, California, for RV appraisals or to learn the true value of your vehicle. Our appraisals are guaranteed to be accepted by any institution. People get appraisals for a wide range of reasons, including:

Establishing a Fair Market Value or Actual Cash Value | Determine an Accurate Diminishment in Value | Aid in Various Insurance Requirements | Assessment of Import/Export Duties | Satisfy Estate Settlement Claim | Validate a Charitable Donation | Provide Collateral Value for a Loan | Prepare Credible Tax Documentation

All Vehicles

Each of our appraisal services is designed to work with all kinds of vehicles. If you're an enthusiast, you can count on us to accurately appraise your classic, vintage, antique, or collectible car or truck. Custom hot rod builders also come to us, as do owners of special interest vehicles or people who need the value of their personal or work vehicles. Our RV service is designed to cover any type of recreational vehicle as well, such as:

Truck Slide-On Camper | Travel Trailer | Fifth Wheel | Folding Trailer | Van or Bus Conversion | Class A, B, & C Motor Homes | Diesel Pusher


Our Appraisals

There are three distinct level of appraisals offered, and we call them Phase I, II, and III. Each service is specifically developed to use our exclusive Appraisal Information Report to gain the pertinent information required to successfully provide a certified appraisal. The AIR was written and approved using professional guidelines as established by NAVA, the National Association of Vehicle Appraisers, and USPAP, the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. This allows us to appraise any vehicle, anywhere.

Professional, certified vehicle appraisals have a wide range of uses, and our appraisals will meet any requirement. Count on us when you need to:

Determine The True Value Of Any Auto, Truck, Van, SUV, or SUT | To Establish A Fair Market Value Of Any RV Or Motor Home | To Validate The Accurate Value Of A Stock Or Custom Motorcycle | To Acquire - Renew - Update An Insurance Policy |To Calculate A Lease Termination Value - Early Or Scheduled | To Declare A Stated Value For Donation Or Legal Issues | To Fight An Unfair Or Below Market Insurance Settlement Offer | To Prove A Diminishment In Value Insurance Claim

What Customers Says

"You're a life saver. Thanks to your accurate appraisal, I was able to get a good, fair priced insurance policy covering the true value of my car. I couldn't have done it without you."
M. Tobine - Seattle, WA