Skilled Expert Witnesses

You can count on the automotive appraisal services of Yorba Linda to provide expert witness and dispute resolution services in California and across the county. We offer testimony, insurance dispute and arbitration representation, and umpire or referee dispute services. Our team also helps fulfill all your other legal requirements as well, ensuring all your vehicular needs are met.

Witnesses & Legal Services

There are a wide range of reasons you may find you need a professional, certified appraiser to provide expert testimony in your legal battle. These reasons are as varied as the vehicles available. No matter your particular requirements, our team can help. Our AIR process helps us gain the pertinent information and allows us to perform a certified appraisal and render an expert opinion in your case. This process has been approved by the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Program and certified via Alternative Dispute Resolution. Trust us to offer our invaluable experience in presenting the accurate testimony your case calls for.

Whether your case in an insurance claim or some other dispute, we are here to help. Together with you, our team will deliver the facts as they relate to your case and ensure your dispute is resolved quickly, effectively, and accurately.